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Who owns and operates Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club?
Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club is owned by CBON International Golf Group, and operated by CBIGG Management.
Are Memberships at Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club equity Memberships?
Will members of my family be permitted to use my Membership privileges?
Yes. The primary member, alternate member and dependents listed on your membership are entitled to club privileges. Dependents are children through age 21 (or Full-Time Students) through age 23 who live with you.
Is an Advisory Board of Governors established as a liaison between the Members and Club Management?
Yes. A Board of Governors, composed of Club Members, shall serve as a partner with Club Members and Club Management. The Management of the Club will meet with the Board of Governors monthly to discuss the operations of the Club. Members are encouraged to utilize the Board of Governors by voicing their suggestions and concerns through them.
Will I be responsible for assessments?
What is the dress code at Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club?
Pecan Grove Plantation requires that all members and guests wear appropriate golf attire including collared shirts and golf shoes when on the course. Only proper tennis and swimming attire are permitted in the tennis and swimming areas. Please see the Club’s Rules and Regulations for more information. Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club is a soft spikes facility.
Can I play the course before I join?
Individuals considering membership at Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club may play the course with an ambassador after they have met with the Membership Director and toured the property.
Is financing available on Memberships Initiation fees?
Yes. Financing is currently available on all Initiation fees over $500 with a maximum of 3 payments. See the membership director for more details.
When do I start paying dues?
Monthly dues are pro-rated from the day you join the club. If you join in the middle of the month, you will be billed the pro-rated dues.
Whom shall I contact for further information?
If you have any questions about Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club, please call Julie Banda in our Membership Office at (281) 342-9940 ext. 13. We will be happy to review and clarify our membership opportunities, deposits, dues, and regulation.


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